Elias Petley

This document begins with a whole section in medieval Latin, which is hard enough to read let  alone understand, but presumably records a bond or mortgage on Petley's estate as the start of the  next section below seems to refer to it. 

Who or what Edward Lake, baronet, is, remains unknown. The Bishop of Lincoln at this time is  Robert Sanderson. I'm probably getting over-excited if I try to make a connection between the  Thomas Neale who signs as executor, and the current Patron of the parish, Richard Neile who is  Bishop of Durham, and who had been Bishop of Lincoln previously (1614-17).  

More interesting is the re-appearance in Wold Newton affairs again of the  

Ayscough/Aiscough/Askew family, and the holding of Elias Petley's books in their library, as well as  being an executor. Petley must have been something of a scholar in his youth, as he is asked to  translate the Book of Common Prayer into Greek as part of Archbishop of Canterbury Laud's  attempts to join with the Greek Orthodox Church. His subsequent exile to Wold Newton must have  a story behind it, so his books are still his single most valuable possession, but he obviously  remained well-connected in this area. He also managed to ride out the Civil War and retain his  incumbency. 

 He presumably lived at the Parsonage, which maybe was the Old White Cottage? Not the place to  store a valuable book collection. I wonder what happened to them.  

The valuation is a snapshot of part of the potential income of the incumbent of Wold Newton, who  would also have had tithe income as well as his agricultural income from the glebe land.  

His son, John Petley is of interest, if he is the same lawyer from Grays Inn who briefly owns  Willoughby Farm in Wold Newton, before its eventual acquisition by the Welfitt family in 1690-ish  

The condition of this obligation is such if the abovebounden John Pettley the naturall and lawfull  sonne of Elias Petley of Would Newton deceased 

So will truly Administer all and single the goods and chattels of the said Lord in paying dues and legarcyes if any such be soo farr as the said goods will extend and as by law doth bind him And of ye sd goods and chattels doo make an Exhibitio an …. to be made  or deposited into the principall Rogario of the Lord Bpp remayning at Lincoln a  true and perfect Amontario indifferently prized and thereof doo render and make a... and true accompt whensoever hee shall be thereunto lawfully called or required 

and such... and … sum and summes of money are upon the sd accompt shall be found remayning in his hands shall pay and distribute to and amongst such person and  persons in such manner and form at such tiyme and place as the Ordinario for  the tyme being shall assigne and appoint. And lastly if the gents above bounden at their owne prop costs and charges doo well and truly sand defend and poor harmless  and indemnifyed by the above named Lord Bpp of Lincoln and the Right Hon Edward  Lake Baronett and all their Assirons and Minnisters from all persons for all things  touching and granting of the Exors of Avon ….in every respect then this 

present obligation to be voyd and of none effect or obs to remayne and be in full  force strength and vertue 

Sealed signed and delivered 

in the presence of  

Richorms Armley John Petley ----10-----00 …...... 

 Robbt Ayscoughe Lincoln 27

 did 1662 

August the 20th 1661 

A true and perfect inventory of all the goods and 

Chattels of Elias Petley Clerk Rector of Would 

Newton in the County of Linc. Late deceased  

by us whose names are under written  

 £ s d 

Item : his purse and apparell 05 – 00 – 00 

Item : his library at the praysmt of Mr  

 Edward Ayscough B. D. 12 – 00 – 00 

Item : in two parlars two beds and bedding 

 with other furniture 08 –00 – 00 

Item : in the hall one cupboard one table 

 with other hushlements 02 – 00 – 00 

Item : in the kitching and dary pewter 

 brasse …........ and browning vessells with 04 – 00 – 00  other hushlements  

Item : in one Chamber two beds one trunk 

 two chests with other hushlements 02 – 00 -- 00 Item : one horse and two Cowes 08 – 00 – 00

Item : Seven acre of Corn upon the glebe 

 3 barly 2 oats 2 pease 04 – 10 – 00 

Item : in the yard one waine with 

 other husslements 02 – 00 – 00 Item : Seven swine 03 – 00 – 00 

 Thomas Neale 

 Vincent Wright Sum total 50 – 10 – 00  his mk 

 Robert R Newarke 

 Edward Froddond Exhum fuit hunno  provlularnd apud Lincoln 27  die May Anno Domd 1662  et y Administratorum 

Know all men by these presents ….... Hope Petley 

of Graynsby in the Countie of Lincoln widdow 

late Relict of Elias Petley of Would Newton 

diseased doe make ordayne constitute and devize  

and appoint John Petley my sonne to be my 

lawfull attorney for me in my name and 

to my use to administer upon all the goods 

and Chattels of the said Elias Petley and to do for 

me and in my behalf all other thing and things 

in and about the premises meete and necessary to  

be done, in as ample manner as if I were 

personally presennt and did the same Ratifying and 

Confirming the same by these presents In  

witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my 

hand and seale the six and twentieth day of May 

Anno dni 1662 

Sealed and delivered 

in the presence of us Hope Petley 

Thomas Neale 

Vincent Wright