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Rectory Cottages

The Rectory garden once extended north to the Park.  These cottages (made of chalk and virtually identical to Chalk Cottage but not so named) butted up at their rear to the Rectory garden and housed Rectory servants until they passed into the ownership of the Yarborough Estate.

The last occupants while it comprised two dwellings were Mr and Mrs Askew.  The other end of the cottage was occupied by the Misses Tyson (Annie and Alice), Alice dying in 1957.  

After Henry Askew died in 1961, it remained empty until Rhona Kennington (mother of 1960s iconic model Helen) carried out the village's first middleclass cottage conversion in the late 1960s.  The extension on the south end was added soon afterwards by Christopher Ollard when Rhona married Paul Marshall, a paraplegic following a fall from an apple-tree when a teenager, who needed a ground-floor bedroom.

Henry and Emma Askew

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