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Some Sessions of the Peace in Lincolnshire 1381-96

This book contains several crimes connected to Wold Newton: 
Johannes Preston (ancestor of Frank?) breaching his contract to work for a year as a ploughman and carter for Richard of Irford by leaving 'without cause at night' after only a month;
an outlawed monk from Ravendale stealing barley from Roger Marshall;
Johannes Curtays stealing sheep from Roger Marshall.

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People from Wold Newton also serve as magistrates:

Willelmi North' de Neuton' at Marg: Hawordeshowe on 13th March 1386

Willelmi North' de Neuton' at Marg: Hawardosh' on 13 March 1386

Ricardi de Irford de Waldneuton' at Marg: Magna Inquisicio North' on 20th March 1387

Iohannis de Haynt' de Neuton' at Marg: Hawordesh' on 8th January 1383

Iohannis South' de Neuton' at Marg: Hawardesh'  on 21st January 1383

Rogeri Merciall' de Waldneuton' at Marg: Hawardeshowe on 15th January 1396

Iohannis de Irfiorth de Waldneuton' at Marg: Hawardeshowe on 3rd August 1395

Willelmi Warde de Neuton' in 1395

Sessions were still being held at Haverstoe in 1869 when Enoch Goldy was murdered.

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