William Welfitt

A True and Perfect Inventory of all the goods and chattels of the Reverend Mr Wm Welfitt of Wold Newton in the County of Lincoln late deceased as they were appraised by us this 19th and 20th of December Anno Domini 1715 whose names are hereunto subscribed.


IMPR[imis]                             £   s    d     

Purse and apparell                 30:00:00                  A table a long Sadell                    00:11:00

In the high close  9 beasts       26:00:00                       2 chairs  2 stools

In Fenby closes 12 beasts        28:00:00                 The back kitchin and

At the cralehas  4 beasts        16:00:00                       dairy for goods belonging        05:10:00

In the hill close  8 beasts        28:00:00                  In the cellar 6 half            

Foales                                    03:04:06                         hogsheads 10 barrels            02:15:00

Old sheep att 10s a sheep     110:00:00

eleaven score                                                       In the hall closet a napkin press    00:05:00

A hundred and twenty hogs     48:00:00                 Things in the pantry                     00:08:00

att 8s a sheep

Horses att                               25:00:00                The Hall                                       08:00:00

Piggs att                                   6:00:00                Goods in 4 Garretts                      06:00:00

Carts and Waines utinsils for                                 the furniture of B chambers         17:00:00

husbandry and other hustle      80:00;00                Matt[resses] and Sheat                 07:00:00

ments belonging to the yard

Barley and pease att                50:00:00                Wooll                                          30:00:00

Oats att                                   25:00:00                Her 3 Rooms with plate

For wheat sown                        06:00:00                   and linning                             100:00:00

25 acre of Barley land tiled twice                          Charriott and Chaise                    30:00:00

8 acre tiled thrice                     09:08:00                Books                                         20:00:00


In the house                                                         For stocks and blocks

                                                                                        and things unseen            00:05:00

Imp[rimis]                                                                                                                    --------------

In the kitchen                                                                                                       605:01:00

New pewter 3 stone 13 p d       02:09:00                                           Edw: Smyth

3 dozen of plates                      01:14:00                                    Sam: Welfitt ju:

Old pewter 2 stone 6 p d           01:05:00                                Rich: Ostler

Brass 8 stone  8  p d                  06:00:06                                   Thomas Micklethwaite  Sd

2 pair of snuffers 3 pair of

candlesticks and tinder             01:06:00                                   Exhibit fuit humus

…. and a slice                                                                                  Inven apud Lincoln

13 Plates  6/6d                          00:06:06                                   28th July 1716  per

Tin Ware a mortar a Chas-                                                         Extorios …..........

sing dish a stew pan and            01:00:00                                   Sub  si age

a plate Iron

Iron Ware 2 dressing pans           00:10:00

with other necessaries                                                                Wills 'O'  802

Fire range with rakker

hooks a Jack 2 Racks                   02:02:00

2 potts

A Warming pan and                      00:16:00

a dresser