Bishop Edward King

Edward King (1829-1910) was made Bishop of Lincoln in 1885. He is most famous for having been tried before a Church Court (1888-1890) for "ritualistic practices" (eg use of incense, light, facing east at the altar away from the congregation), but also won great affection throughout his diocese for his saintly character. The Court did not punish Bishop King since he promised no further disobedience to the Archbishops. Attached below are some transcripts of an exchange of letters between Bishop King and Reverend Edward Rivaz Fagan, Rector of Wold Newton 1896-1916, who, with William Maurice Wright, was an enthusiastic advocate of such practices. These letters were kept in the vestry and Rectory until being deposited with the early Parish Registers in the County Archives by the then Rector, John Hordern, in 1964. William Maurice Wright's support for King and his ritualistic practices helps explain the unusually ornate interior decoration of Wold Newton church which King visited on several occasions.

Bishop Edward King. This picture hangs in

Wold Newton church and the inscription

beneath reads, "In grateful remembrance

of frequent pastoral visits to this parish."