Parish Records

Another transcription in Squire Wright's documents, presumably provided by Canon CW Foster's team, researching in the Lincoln Cathedral Archives in the 1920-30's.


Years missing :- Michaelmas 1563 – 1565; Michaelmas 1566 – 1569; Michaelmas 1570 – 1583.

Thys boke of regyster was made by henry dylcoke person of owlnwton & Rychard oslere and tomas huddelston churche-wardens of the same paryshe afore rehersed from the fest of St michael in the yeare of owre lord a thowsant v hundred threescore and one unt' the same fest 1562


Ite' the x daye of october was Jorge asbye ye sonne of hary & Isbell chrysned

Ite' ye xij daye of october was thomas huddleston and elsabet maryed

Ite' the xiiij ti daye of october was elen harnes the dawthter of thomas and g Jenet buryed


Ite' the fyrste daye of nouember was hary Leason the sonne of wylla' and als buryed


Ite' the vij daye of december was Jone Robson the dawthter of peter and chaterne chrysned.


Ite' the laste daye of Januarye was wyllam oslere the sone of James and annas chrysned wyche was

in the yeare of owre lord god a thowsant .v. hundred three score and two




One the vij daye of aprell was wylla' savige buryed


One the fyrst daye of maye was faythe moryson the dawthter of harye and Isbell chrysned


One the .v. daye of June was wylla' cantye and Isbell gregorye maryed

One the viij daye of June was Jhon goodhand the son of wylla' and elen chrysned



Item the x daye of august was tomas Leason the son of wylla' and als chrysned


Ite' the xiiijti daye of september was annas clyfton the dawther of Jorge and marye chrysned


Item the fyrst daye of october was Edward huddelston the sonne of tomas and elsabet chrysned


henry dylcocke rector

Rychard osler tomas

huddelstone gardiani

Ex tu apud Lincoln' xxiij o die me s October 1562

In dei nomine

Thys byll of Inuytory was mayde from the fyrste daye of october in the yeare of our lorde god a thowsand .v. hundred threescore and too vntyll the fyrste daye of october in the yeare of owre Lorde god a thowsand .v. hundred threescore and three by henry dylcoke parson of oldenutn and thomas huddyllston and hary morysn churche wardens

The xxti daye of genuarye was Jayne harnes chrysned

The iiij daye of marce was elen cayde chrysned

The fyrst daye of June was Jorge gooddan buryed

Ex tu apd Lincoln' xix o die Novembr' . 1563


The Invetorye of all ye christnynges weddynge & burying of woldneuton from ye feast of Sance

mychaell Archangell last past in ye yere of or lord 1565


Robert ostler ye sone of James ostler was baptyzed the j day of november

Rychard heluyshe ye sone of John heluyshe was baptyzed the xvij day of november

Alles ostler ye daughter of thomas ostler was baptized the xvij day of marche

Isabell wynde ye doughter of henry wynd was baptized ye xj daie of apryll

Jone medope ye doughter of adam medope was baptized ye xxviij day of apryll

Rychard lyson ye sone of wylla' lyson was baptized ye xij day of August


Robert ostler was buryed ye xj day of december

Willia walker was buryed ye viij day of febryarye

Elene Savage was buryed ye x day of february

Elene goodhand ye wyfe of willia goodhand was buryed ey xij day of marche

Wylliam Goodhand was buryed ye xix day of marche

Gorg moryson was buryed the xxth day of marche

Beatrice Nycholson was buryed ye xxviij day of Apryll

Jone medope was buryed ye xij day of May

henry dylcoke beyng the parson then was buryed ye xj day of June

per me …............. rectorem

de wold newton

thomas harnis & thomas

buck church wardens

Ex tu apud Lincoln xxij die Octobris 1566

wold newton

A treu certificat Indented of all & singular the names and surnams of such as haue bene christened married and buried wtin the parishe of wouldneuton from the feast of saint mighell tharcangell 1569 vnto the feaste of the forsaid saint mighell 1570 agreinge wt ye regester book of wouldnewton

In prims th .7. day of october was christened ye sone of Rychard wind whose name was wyllame

The .7. day of march was christened the daughter of adam medope whose name was elizabeth

The iij day of aprill was christened ye son of wyllam lison whose nam was Iezraell


The 23 day of aprill was married wyllm est and agnes clark


The 20 day of august was buried John tealbe

per me Robertum brian

curatum ibidem

wyllam helvis


wyllam clark

Ext fuit apud Lincoln xxiij o die octobris 1570