Plate and Bells

An Elizabethan chalice was apparently given to the cathedral in 1919 by William Maurice Wright - see Volume 19 of Lincolnshire Notes & Queries - but is not known to have any connection with Wold Newton. Its description suggests that it is a 1569 John Morley communion cup, I over M being his maker's mark. Sadly, it seems to be locked away in the cathedral vaults rather than on display.

A silver apostle spoon dating from about 1620 is on loan to Lincoln Cathedral and currently on display in the Treasury (right).

Such as there is is modest.

The third church is thought to have had three 'gret' bells, but as you will see from the extract from Volume 17 of Lincolnshire Notes & Queries, by the time of the Reformation (16th century) there was only one, as today, lending credence to the idea that the church was in decline well before the Roundheads incident, to which William Wright (see A Short History) attributes its destruction. Maybe the Roundheads completed a process which had been ongoing for some time. The remaining bell, which dates from 1611 and is inscribed, 'God save His Church', was rehung in 1998 after it had been furnished with a new clapper, the original having dropped off.