The murder of Robert Gascal - 1369

"Robert Gascal, clerk, of Wold Newton courted considerable unpopularity which eventually resulted in his being murdered. One night in 1369, along with others unknown, he seized the vicar of Ulceby and held him until he had obtained silver from him. Two years later he allegedly stole a cow from Nicholas Twyte of Fotherby, and in 1374 he cut down and carried away a number of trees growing in the prior of Sixhills’ close. As a result of these misdeeds and possibly others, Robert suddenly found himself such a target of hostilities that it became necessary for him to take retaliatory action in court. He complained of assaults, threats, and robbery by a band of armed men led by the parson of West Keal, that many evil-doers lay in wait for him at Wold Newton, and that he was taken and imprisoned. In 1375 he finally met a violent death with his servant John of Thorganby at the hands of a group of neighbours."

“Land and People in Medieval Lincolnshire” by Graham Platts. “Some Sessions of the Peace in Lincolnshire 1360-1375”, edited by R. Sillem, pp. lvii-lviii.

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The murder of Enoch Goldy - 1869

Enoch Goldy, who had been sent by his employer to help look out for poachers, was, according to William Maurice Wright in his notes on field names, murdered at the 'Black Gate' in the south east corner of Stock Furlow field in Wold Newton by poachers he had chased from Ravendale. This is confirmed by Bob Dale in 2010 who says that within his memory this gate was once painted black and was the only gate painted that colour in the village. The Times newspaper reports of the inquest and trial follow and an alternative report in the Hull Packet and East Riding Times is attached below along with an illustration from the Penny Illustrated Paper!

Reported in The Times

18th May 1869

18th May 1869

28th May 1869

28th July 1869

Notwithstanding the convictions for manslaughter, Enoch Goldy's gravestone at Cuxwold records that he was "cruelly murdered by poachers".