Church Path Cottage

(Properly Church Pad Cottage)

The footpath to the church passed through the garden and until the renovations and extensions of 2008 ran adjacent to the cottage's door. It was occupied by the Lyall family throughout most of the 1950's, 60s and 70s. Mrs Lyall worked as housekeeper for John Hordern while he was rector, but she rarely darkened the door of the church (perhaps on account of the steepness of the hill and her bulk), preferring to stand at her door and give a cheery greeting to those who did as they passed on their way home.

Before the Lyalls, the Darcy family lived here for a time, relatives of the Blanchards of Ravendale.


1871 - Edward Smith, his daughter and her husband, Ann & William Bell and their 6 children lived in the then combined Church Path Cottage and Woodman's Cottage.

1957/8 voter's register occupier: Ronald H and Ivy Stainton.