Hew Frankis

Translation done for William Maurice Wright by Canon Foster or one of his acolytes.

Lincoln Consistory Court 1558, ii folio 95

In the name of God, Amen. The xxth day of Aprill in the yere of our Lord God 1558. I Hew

Frankis of Wold Newton in the county of Lincoln husbandmann being holl of mynde and and of

good remembrance makes and ordeyns this to be my last will and testament in manner and forme


First I bequeath my soule to God Almightie and to our Ladye Ste Marye and to all the holly

company of heavenn [folio 95d] and my body to be buryed in the parisch church of Wolde Newton


Firste I bequeith to the mother church of Lincoln iiiid and to my brother Oldman ii landes, one of

pease and a barley land at Little More Well. Also I gyve to my brother William a pease land lyinge

next to itt and a barley land butting on the grene. Also I bequeathe Robte Atebye an other of the

pease lands and ii barley lande in the Upper Herninge. Also I bequeath to my brother Thomas a

bayde hors. It'm I gyve to my Father a pease land and ii rye lands. It'm I bequeath to Margarett

Stevensonn a barley land at Mylnegate. And all the rest of my goodes my detts payde and my

legacys fulfilled I gyve it holly to Jennet my wife whom I do make and ordeine to be my fathefull

executrix and she to paye my debts and my legacies accordinge to this my laste will and also I

do provide Richard a Moore to be my supervisor of this my last will and he to have for his paines

taking ii landes of barley. Witness hereof Richard Kent, Richard Osteler, Richard Moore, James

Boorse with other moo.

Proved at Louth 28 April 1558 [-9]

Admin granted to the executrix