John More

Transcription done for William Maurice Wright by Canon Foster or one of his acolytes.

Lincoln Consistory Court Wills 1536/7, folio 80

The testament of John More

September 1535



I, John More of Wold Newton &c my body to be buried wt in ye church of Allhallows aforenamyd

, in the medyll ylle even before ye crucifiyx

I wytt to ye cathedrall church of Lincoln viijd

I wytt to our lady wark yr viijd

I wytt to every church boundyng on ye feld of Woldnewton vid

I wytt to everyone of my god barns iiijd

I wytt to Ric Kent and hys wyfe xiijs iiijd

I wytt to Ryc More my sone v marks and x ewes and v wethers and v hoggs

I wytt to Thomas More my son x schepe

I wytt to Thomas More my neve vjs viijd

I wytt to Jennet More hys syster vjs viijd

To every one poor nebur dwellyng wt in ye town one peke malt

I wytt to every priest beyng present at ye day of my beryall iiijd

I wytt to Beatryx my wyfe for terme of her lyfe all my landes & tenements wt in ye towne and

fealds fo Woldnewton yf she lyfe sole.

To Robert my sone after ye decese of Beatryx my wyfe my howse called Drowry house wt all ye

bellongyngs & x acars land taking of ye grett garthland.

To [folio 80d] Rychard my sone after ye decese of hys mother my howse yt I dwell in wt all ye

residue of my lands provydeyd always yt yf ye sayd Ric be yn mynd of purpose to sell ye forsayd

howse or lands then I wyll yt Robert shall enter to yt and put hym owtt.

I wytt to one dyscrett priest ij trentalls to be song for my soull & ye soulls of my parentes.

I wytt to the hye allter of All Hallows aforenamyd vs

To ye churche of All Hallows aforesayd iijs iiijd

The resydew of my goods nott wytt nor gyven I gyve to Beatrix my wyfe holly. To Robert my son

xs for hys labor & pane wi Beatrix and Robert I make my executors yt the trewlly fulfyll this my

last wyll wt ye advyse and counsell of Thomas Lyson, whom I make supervisor of this my last wyll,

and I gyve hyme for hys labor vs.

Thes wyttnes Antony Hennege parson yr

Thomas Gudhand,

Ryc Kent

John Webster, wt others

Proved before Mr John Pryn at Estrasyn 8 Feb 1535[-6]