William Wright

To the fraternity of the resurrection of the Lord there, xijd twelve pence

To the high altar of the blessed Mary of Lincoln vjd sixpennies

To the fabric of the blessed Mary there, vjd six pennies

To each of the churches of Bynbroke, Swynhope, Thorganby, Westrandall, Estrandall, Alesby,

Asby, Hawarby and Besby, iiijd (4 pennies)

to the prioress of Ormesbie [........](obscured by a blot)

and to every nun there [........] (obscured by a blot)

Also I bequeath the utensils of my house to Walter my son and Margaret my wife except one leaden

vessel and certain other things to the aforesaid Walter[.....(blot again).....] as follows

To the aforesaid Walter my son one little piece [morsellium] of gold and six silver spoons.

To Margaret my wife, one silver girdle and one set of beads for the term of her life, and after her

decease, to Anne my daughter.

To Walter my son, and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten one croft called Chubsgarth and all

my other lands and tenements which belong to me by any hereditary right or title whatsoever within

the vill and territory of Woldenewton aforesaid; and if it happen that the aforesaid Walter shall die

without an heir male lawfully begotten of his body, then I will that the aforesaid toft shall remain to

my heirs male with all my other lands and tenements in Woldnewton

To Brian my son 7 pounds of lawful money of England

To Walter my son forty sheep, a pair of oxen of the best, 4 horses, all the crops growing upon the

land except and reserved certain quarters to Margaret my wife as follows;

To the aforesaid Walter, all my wagons, two-wheeled carts, and ploughs, with all their


To Margaret my wife, two cows and two pigs.

Also I will that if it happen that I the aforesaid William Wryght shall die before my sons, that

is Brian and Walter, come to the age of 24 years, then I will that their shares shall remain in the

custody of Robert Smythe of Waltham and James Otby until the aforesaid age.

Also I bequeath one alms-bed, two pairs of linnen sheets, one coverlet with a mattress in order that

they may remain in the custodyof my wife to the need and use of poor persons and travellers.

To Richard Steffnsun one cow for the term of his life in order that he may keep 1 obit yearly for the

health of my soul and give ground corn [mollationem] for my funeral rites [obsequii] and for a mass

5 pennie and to the ringers for bread and drink two pennies; and after the decease of the aforesaid

Richard then I will that the aforesaid cow shall remain to the aforesaid Walter my son his heirs and

executors [folio 403d]

to Anne my daughter one heifer

To Margaret my wife two quarters of wheat, one of barley, two of malt, and one of peas, and two


To Walter my son, three cows

To the aforesaid Margaret ten sheep

To the aforesaid Walter the iron crosses [cruces] standing in my hall with their appurtenances, one

hanging laver, and one laver with a basin, one great spit with two andirons, one great jar, one best

pot, one pestle.

To Richard Steffnsun all my pans which I use daily.

To each of my godchildren iiiid

Also I bequeath ot one priest lawfully ordained vli for one year's stipend to celebrate for the health

of my soul and for the souls of of my parents.

The residue of my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath to Robert Smythe of Waltham and

Walter my son and James Otbye, whom I make and ordain my true and lawfull executors to dispose

for the health of my soul and the souls of my parents as they shall see to be best pleasing to God and

profitable for my soul.

These being witnesses Anthony Hennege, rector of the same place

Thomas Lyson

Richard Wache and others.

Proved at Grymesby before Mr John Pryn etc 14 November 1531 by the executors.

To the parish church there, xxd twenty pence

To the high altar there, for tithes withheld and forgotten, xs ten shillings

be buried in the church yard of All Saints of Woldnewton aforesaid.

First I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God, blessed Mary and all the saints, and my body to

make my will.

month of January, I William Wryght of Woldnewton of whole mind and good memory, in this form

In the name of God, Amen. In the year of the Lord MCCCCCXXX to wit on the xiiith day of the

L. C. C. 1520-31 folio 403

The will is transcribed in Latin within a volume of the Lincoln Records Society (right) and translated below. The original translation was done for William Maurice Wright, probably by Canon Foster, editor of the LRS volume, or one of his acolytes.

Will of William Wryghte